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Plum blossom elastic coupling production standards

The plum blossom elastic coupling is very common in transmission parts. There are many specifications and models of it, such as LM(ML) common standard plum blossom elastic coupling, LMD single flange plum blossom coupling,LMS double flange plum blossom coupling,LMZ-I split type plum blossom coupling with brake wheel,LMZ-II type integral plum blossom coupling. LMP with brake disc type plum coupling several structural forms.

The new unified implementation standard [GB/T5272-2017] for plum blossom elastic couplings replaces the original old standard [GB/T5272-85 and GB/T5272-2002]. The main difference between the new standard and the old standard is that the expression method of coupling model is modified. For example:

Standard [GB/T5272-85] ML8 plum coupling

Standard [GB/T5272-2002] LM9 plum coupling

Are replaced by the new standard [GB/T5272-2017] LM200(named after the larger rotary diameter of the plum coupling)

The new standard also modified the coupling of the larger torque, ② deleted LMD and LMZ-II type, ③ modified part of the LML type coupling structure, ④ modified part of the LMS type coupling size, ⑤ increased the LMP type coupling structure, specific you can see: the new club coupling national standard. These structural shapes and dimensions have been clearly defined in the standard. Due to the different classification and implementation standards of the plum coupling, we should first pay attention to the coupling model is LM? Or ML? Or LM(rotary diameter), the couplings indicated here are different! This is very important, customers need to pay attention to when selecting the type!

Then we say that the middle flanged plum coupling, we need to specify that it is a single flange, right? Or double flanged? The same brake wheel coupling should be clear LMZ-I type? Lmz-ii integral? In addition, the clearance on both sides of the plum coupling is for the swing deformation of the plum elastomer when the coupling is running at high speed. Therefore, the clearance on both sides of different types of plum coupling is also clearly stipulated (see how much is appropriate for the end clearance of the plum coupling installation? 4 ways to adjust the end clearance of the plum coupling!) . Of course, the diameter of the rear end of the shaft hole of the coupling and the thickness of the rear end of the plum elastomer are the key factors that directly affect the torque transmission and service life of the coupling. At the same time pay attention to the brake wheel of the quunx coupling to execute the brake wheel material manufacturing standard GB/T700-1988, the corresponding material selection and heat treatment process must be strictly in accordance with the national standard implementation, elastic component materials are divided into (UR) polyester polyurethane [commonly used] and (PA) cast nylon, customers need to choose according to their own situation!