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Characteristics of JQW Type Jacket Coupling

During the assembly and disassembly of JQW type jacket coupling, the shaft of the coupling parts does not need to move axially, so it is very convenient to assemble and disassemble. The disadvantage is the alignment accuracy of the two shafts Low, complex structure and shape, and low manufacturing and balancing accuracy. It is only applicable to situations with low speed and stable load. Generally, the linear speed of the larger outer edge is not greater than 5m/s. When the linear speed is higher than 5m/s, balance verification is required.

Features of JQW type jacket coupling:

(1) Light weight, low inertia and high sensitivity;

(2) Maintenance free, oil resistant and non corrosive;

(3) Eccentricity cannot be allowed, and the shaft shall be exposed as much as possible during use;

(4) The main body can be made of cast iron or cast steel, or stainless steel in case of corrosion;

(5) Fixing methods include clamping and jackscrew fixing;

(6) Simple structure, convenient loading and unloading.

For the current calculation of JQW type jacketed coupling, it is necessary to calculate the pre tightening force required for tightening the bolts according to the torque transmitted by the coupling components, so as to check the strength of the bolts. During assembly, due to the pre tightening force of each bolt, the mating surfaces of the clamp housing and the shaft are compressed against each other.