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Permissible speed range of MLS double flange plum blossom coupling

Now there are still many requirements for the MLS double-flange plum blossom coupling that we all need to understand, but we all have different allowable speed ranges for different materials and varieties of couplings and specifications of the plum blossom coupling.

When the MLS double-flange plum blossom coupling is used in different conditions, the influence factors such as the centrifugal force of the coupling outer circle and the deformation of the elastic element should be considered, and dynamic balance should be performed. Non-metallic elastic element elastic couplings should not be used at high speeds. At high speeds, elastic elements will deform. Flexible couplings should be selected. Foreign couplings for high speeds are nothing more than diaphragm couplings and drum gears. type coupling. Shafting transmission with small torque and mainly transmitting motion requires the plum blossom coupling to have high transmission accuracy. It is advisable to choose flexible coupling with metal elastic elements, and shafting transmission with large torque and power transmission. The transmission accuracy is also required. When the speed is high, the flexible coupling between the elastic coupling of the non-metallic elastic element and the movable element should be avoided, and the diaphragm coupling with high transmission accuracy should be selected. It is difficult to adjust the alignment of the two shafts of large-scale machinery and equipment, and it is necessary to choose a coupling that is durable and easy to replace wearing parts. Metal elastic element universal couplings generally have a longer service life than non-metal elastic element universal couplings. The need for sealing and lubrication and the use of non-durable couplings will inevitably increase the maintenance workload.

As a linkage tool used on mechanical equipment, the MLS double-flange plum blossom coupling brings more convenience to the mechanical equipment during use, and the speed of the coupling is still low during use. There are determinants. The speed range of the coupling is also determined by different materials, so there are many factors that affect the speed of the coupling.