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Where does the coupling produce good quality

There are many kinds of couplings. According to the relative position and position change of the two shafts, they can be divided into: (1) fixed couplings. It is mainly used in the place where the two shafts are strictly in alignment and no relative displacement occurs in the work. The structure is generally simple and easy to manufacture, and the instantaneous speed of the two shafts is the same. There are flange coupling, sleeve coupling, clamp coupling and so on. ② Movable coupling. It is mainly used for two shafts with deflection or relative displacement in the work. According to the method of compensating displacement, it can be divided into rigid movable coupling and elastic movable coupling. The rigid movable coupling compensates by the degree of motion in one direction or several directions of the dynamic connection between the working parts of the coupling. Such as tooth coupling (allows the axial displacement), cross grooved coupling (used to join two axis parallel displacement or angular displacement is very small), universal shaft coupling (for two axis with oblique Angle or at work have larger angular displacement), gear coupling comprehensive displacement (allow), chain coupling (radial displacement is allowed), Portable elastic coupling (hereinafter referred to as elastic coupling) USES the elastic deformation of elastic element to compensate for two axis deflection and displacement of elastic element at the same time also has the buffering and damping performance, such as snake-like spring coupling, radial multi-layer plate spring coupling, flexible pin coupling, nylon pin coupling, rubber sleeve coupling, etc. Some couplings have been standardized. When choosing, the right type should be selected according to the requirements of the work, and then calculate the torque and speed according to the diameter of the shaft, and then find out the applicable model from the relevant manual, and then check the calculation of some key parts. Our company specializes in the production of plum couplings

Sprocket elastic coupling can be made with a protective cover shell and without a protective cover shell two, the cover shell play the main role is to protect the coupling fracture will not be hit out, secondly, play a role in reducing noise.

Several reasons for the formation of coupling failure:

I. No cover case is installed, the chain is corroded and broken.

Two, the chain or sprocket for a long time excessive wear;

Three, overload, coupling use more than the load;

Features: the chain coupling has the advantages of simple structure (consisting of four pieces), convenient assembly and disassembly, disassembly without moving the connected two shafts, compact size, light weight, necessary compensation ability, low requirements for installation accuracy, reliable work, long life, low cost. Roller chain coupling Can be used in textile, agricultural machinery, lifting transportation, engineering, mining, light industry, chemical industry, machinery, shaft drive, is suitable for the working condition of high temperature, damp and dusty environment, shall not apply to the high speed and has a strong impact load and axial force of the occasion, chain coupling should be in a good lubrication and shield under the conditions of work.


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