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WH type slide couplings specification sheet and drawing

WH type slider coupling and cross slider coupling structure is similar, the difference is that the middle cross slider is a square slider, the middle slider is used to slide in the corresponding radial groove on the end face of the half coupling on both sides to realize the connection of the two half couplings. The coupling noise, low efficiency, wear fast, generally try not to choose, only very low speed occasions, such as ball mill and other applications.

In the choose and buy when everyone can choose according to the above size model, WH type oldham coupling according to the standard production 4384-97, JB/ZQ, apply to have larger radial displacement of the two shaft coupling is used, its characteristic is smaller buffer and noise reduction ability, a large quantity, the radial compensation is suitable for the small and medium-sized radial compensation quantity demand is larger devices. In the case of large demand for radial compensation, it can replace "LM plum-blossom type elastic coupling" or "LX type star type elastic coupling". The corresponding is the old standard JB/ZQ 4384-86 "KL type slider coupling" (entry is the relevant document below "KL type slider coupling execution standards").