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Analysis of the optimization of diaphragm coupling


In fact, the use of diaphragm coupling users are more clear that the key part of the coupling is the diaphragm, because the force of the diaphragm is more complex. First of all, its shape criteria are selected from other parts of the standard, so the optimal design of the diaphragm, other standards are also determined. The diaphragm is subjected to a variety of loads, such as changing the load; Centrifugal load, axial displacement caused by the load, angular misalignment of the arch load. In the analysis of its strength by finite element, the problems of plane stress, bending and Angle misalignment of thin plate are involved. The Angle misalignment should be converted into the zigzag problem of thin plate, and then the static stress and alternating stress should be different, and then the strength conditions should be listed. And the vibration frequency constraint, the transfer matrix is used to analyze the axial and transverse natural frequencies of the system.

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Optimization of diaphragm coupling:

In the optimization process of diaphragm coupling, we need to know that we should often carry out more finite element analysis and vibration characteristics analysis, so we should well deal with the preprocessing of finite element, automatic division of elements, automatic division of nodes, automatic division of load and other problems and automation, otherwise it cannot be carried out. The diaphragm is divided into a number of sub-blocks according to its characteristics, and the nodes of each sub-block are marked into the inner diameter and outer diameter of the diaphragm, the diameter of the bolt location circle and the diameter of the bolt function contact, the node of each sub-block changes with the change of the variable. Then, each sub-block is automatically divided into K units. The larger the r value, the more and denser the unit distinction, and the less the unit distinction. The diaphragm coupling takes K value or node number according to the need. When writing computer software, the node number arrangement is based on the principle that the difference between the node number of each unit is small and the bandwidth of the stiffness matrix is small, and the node number of the unit is automatically arranged. The load displacement of each unit, the type and size of the load borne by each unit is not the same, wired load, volume load, rendezvous load, etc., all kinds of loads will be equivalent to the corresponding nodes of each unit.

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To sum up:

The above is the mechanical manufacturer of diaphragm coupling optimization analysis, hope to explain the knowledge can bring help to you. If you do not understand in the process of installing the coupling transmission parts in the future, please contact our manufacturer in time, our customer service staff will patiently explain to you, to help you quickly and correctly install the coupling transmission parts.