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Explain the comprehensive performance advantage of diaphragm coupling


With the widespread use of diaphragm coupling, so in the continuous improvement of enterprise design and processing level, the coupling transmission parts manufacturing is from the past mainly rely on the fitter's skills to rely on technology. This is not only a change in the means of production, but also a change in the mode of production and the rise of ideas. The coupling transmission member is a mechanical part used to connect the drive shaft and the driven shaft to rotate together to transfer torque.

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The characteristics of the transmission parts of diaphragm coupling:

The mechanical manufacturer is one of the manufacturers of diaphragm coupling. We will introduce the situation of the coupling transmission parts of this model for you. It has the following characteristics: 1. The coupling transmission structure continues to optimize, caters to the development trend of green and low carbon; 2. The overall benefit of the transmission parts industry is good, with profit differentiation between upstream and downstream; 3. The role of innovation will be strengthened, and the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones will accelerate and meet regulations; 4. The technology sharing development of the new coupling expands the circumference and speeds up, and the sense of gain of the masses is constantly improved. Transmission accuracy of coupling is one of the important conditions for selection. When the coupling is used for shafting transmission based on transfer motion or small torque, the transmission accuracy is required at a medium level. Users can choose flexible coupling with rubber and other non-metallic materials as elastic components. Diaphragm coupling is more suitable for shafting with large torque and power transmission because of its high transmission accuracy. This kind of transmission requires precision, requiring the coupling to adapt to the higher speed of the drive shaft, so the elastic coupling of metal materials and flexible coupling with movable components is not suitable for this kind of work.

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To sum up:

The heating temperature of diaphragm coupling made by machinery manufacturers is usually about 560~600℃, and its hardness requirements are HRC22~34. Because the purpose of tempering is to obtain comprehensive mechanical properties, the hardness range is relatively wide. But drawings have hardness requirements, machinery manufacturers need to adjust the tempering temperature according to the requirements of the drawings to _ hardness. Coupling section size is large or important tempering workpiece, should use Cr steel. Cr can increase the hardenability of steel coupling, improve the strength and tempering stability of steel, has excellent mechanical properties.