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Snake spring coupling straight teeth and arc-shaped teeth difference

Serpentine spring coupling is produced and processed in accordance with the national standard [JB/T 8869-2000], and is used more in coal mine equipment, such as gravel crusher, mine lifting machinery, power plant and so on. Serpentine spring coupling uses several sets of serpentine springs embedded in the teeth on the flange of the two-flap coupling to realize the connection of the two halves of the coupling. It uses a snake-like spring to transmit torque. In actual use, we can divide the snake spring coupling into straight tooth snake spring coupling and arc-shaped tooth snake spring coupling according to the different tooth shapes. What is the difference between straight tooth and arc-shaped tooth of snake spring coupling? Here is a small series to give you a simple introduction:

Snake spring coupling

Straight-tooth serpentine spring coupling: Under normal load, the distance between the contact point of the serpentine spring and the tooth does not change with the change of the deformation of the serpentine spring, and the stiffness is unchanged. The relative Angle of the two half couplings has a linear relationship with the transmitted torque, which belongs to the serpentine spring coupling with constant stiffness.

Arc-shaped tooth snake spring coupling: when the load is small, the straight part of the snake spring is basically parallel to the axis connected; When the load increases, the deformation of the snake spring increases, the contact arc surface with the tooth also increases, and the distance between the contact point with the tooth becomes shorter and shorter, and the stiffness increases. The relative Angle of the two half couplings has a nonlinear relationship with the transmitted torque, which belongs to the snake spring coupling with variable stiffness.

Xiaobian summarizes the differences and characteristics of curved teeth and straight teeth of snake spring coupling. You will understand the straight teeth and curved teeth of snake spring coupling which is good? After all, quality is proportional to cost.

1. The snake spring coupling is made of straight teeth, which is called the constant stiffness snake spring coupling. If it is made of curved teeth, it is a variable stiffness snake spring coupling. The variable stiffness snake spring coupling has higher transmission efficiency and stronger capacity of shock absorption and compensation deviation.

2. The linear tooth shape of the snake-like spring coupling is easy to process and has low cost. It can be used under the condition that the torque of the granule extrusion machine does not change much. It is recommended to use curved tooth structure snake spring coupling when the torque changes greatly

3, arc-shaped tooth snake spring coupling has long service life, good quality, high transmission efficiency and more outstanding performance!

4, curve tooth coupling is suitable for torque change and positive and negative working conditions, and has a good buffer effect, but the curve tooth process is poor, high manufacturing cost, the price is expensive.

The above is the introduction of the snake spring coupling straight teeth and arc teeth of the respective characteristics and differences, through the above detailed analysis is not to have a detailed understanding of the two kinds of coupling? Rongxing factory to undertake all kinds of non-standard coupling design and manufacturing, quantity is not limited. Product production period is generally 10-15 days, small batch products can be completed in 3-7 days, coupling diaphragm shipped within 12 hours, coupling parts available from stock.