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Introduction to snake spring coupling

The full name of Serpentine spring couplings is snake spring coupling, which is a relatively advanced metal elastic 

coupling in the world. It relies on a serpentine spring leaf to transmit torque. There are two standards commonly used 

in the market, one is the national standard snake spring coupling [JB/T8869-2000], and the other is the American 

standard snake spring coupling based on FALK. The snake spring coupling is suitable for The medium and high-power 

transmission shaft system connecting two coaxial lines has certain compensation for the relative offset of the two axes 

and vibration damping and buffering properties. The operating temperature is -30℃~+150℃, and the nominal torque 

is transmitted between 45~800000N. m.



Serpentine spring couplings are widely used in turbine-driven compressors, cement concrete mixers, ore crushers, 

vacuum pumps for papermaking, hoists, cranes, and forced ventilation fans.


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