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65TMV/061TMV/062TMV torque limiter


Torque limiter (also known as torque limiter, safety coupling, safety clutch), is a part of the connection between the driver and the working machine. The main function is overload protection. When the required torque exceeds the set value due to overload or mechanical failure, the torque limiter limits the torque driven by the transmission system in the form of skid, and restores the connection by itself when the overload situation disappears. This prevents mechanical damage and costly downtime. The torque limiter uses a spring-loaded friction surface with nuts or bolts to adjust the spring force and preset its sliding torque.

According to the working principle can be divided into friction type torque limiter and steel ball type torque limiter (ball type torque limiter).

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electronic equipment industry, automatic production line, conveyor industry, etc.

Torque limiter selection method:

1. The sliding torque required is determined by the load condition or the design strength of the machine. If the load condition of the machine is ominous, the sliding torque of the torque limiter is set to 1.5~2 times the torque generated by the motor associated with its mounting shaft.

2. Please select torque limiter with sufficient torque range and inner diameter. The correct bushing length is determined by the thickness of the center member located between the friction plates. The selection of shaft sleeve should not be greater than the width of the center component, the maximum thickness of the center component automatic reset function, after eliminating overload, restart the driving machine can be automatically reset; The unique position reset function ensures the position degree or repeated position degree after overload; The torque is simple and easy to adjust and read. Simply turn the adjusting nut and then adjust the disengaging torque value to the set value via the dial and torque indicator.