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Drum gear coupling custom features

Drum gear coupling is currently in various regions of the transmission system has a more common application, the coupling parts of the appropriate lubrication to extend its service life is more important, then the manufacturer into everyone to share the main drum gear coupling customization features?

Drum gear coupling customization features are mainly divided into the following points:

1, strong bearing capacity: the outer diameter of the inner gear sleeve is the same and the outer diameter of the coupling is larger. The bearing capacity of the drum gear coupling is 15-20% higher than that of the straight gear coupling on average.

2. Large amount of angular displacement compensation: when radial displacement is equal to zero, the allowable angular displacement of straight tooth coupling is 1-ordm; The allowable angular displacement of the drum coupling is 1-ordm; 30 ", an increase of 50%. Under the same modulus, tooth number and tooth width, the allowable angular displacement of drum gear is greater than that of spur gear.

3. The drum tooth surface makes the contact condition of the inner and outer teeth avoid the shortcomings of the straight tooth edge extrusion and stress concentration under the condition of angular displacement. At the same time, the tooth surface friction and wear conditions are reduced, the noise is reduced, and the maintenance cycle is long.

4. The tooth end of the outer sleeve is flared, which is convenient for the disassembly and assembly of the inner and outer teeth.

Drum gear coupling transmission speed is relatively fast, it has the characteristics of economy, the coupling parts are currently used in the mechanical industry to replace the straight tooth coupling. The drum gear coupling produced by the manufacturer has more specifications and conforms to the corresponding standards. It has the characteristics of rigidity, flexibility and inelasticity, and is not suitable for vibration reduction, cushioning and biaxial alignment machinery.