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GCLD type drum gear coupling to be supplied in size

Now there are some new customers in the process of ordering GCLD type drum gear coupling but do not know what data they need to provide for the production manufacturer, next for you to talk about what parameters should be provided in the process of ordering, so as to use later ordering.

In the process of ordering GCLD type drum gear coupling, if you need the type of coupling parts are standard coupling, the main data provided to us are half GCLD type drum gear coupling shaft hole diameter and length. If the coupling you need is not a standard coupling, you need to provide us with other standard dimensions different from the standard coupling, such as key depth and key width of the keyway, large outside diameter and small outside diameter, in addition to the diameter and length of the shaft hole of the half coupling.

There is another situation, if the GCLD type drum gear coupling you need has drawings, we can provide the drawings to the manufacturer, so that we can customize the coupling model and size in accordance with the requirements of your drawings for you. If there are other questions can call to consult, we will be sincere attitude to treat every caller user.