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Elastic diaphragm coupling specification model

Elastic diaphragm coupling belongs to the flexible coupling of metal elastic components, is made of stainless steel sheet (304 stainless steel steel sheet, alloy steel sheet, etc.), half coupling, middle sleeve, compression element, bolt, lock nut, limit washer, etc., is a high performance flexible coupling of metal strong components.

Elastic diaphragm coupling features: elastic diaphragm coupling is reasonable price; Seiko requires that the cast iron square box workbench can not have rust, scratches, cracks and dents and other defects affecting the measurement performance, so the factory staff must be strictly tested, so that users can buy economic and durable, value for money cast iron square box platform.


Elastic diaphragm coupling does not need lubricating oil, compact structure, high strength, long service life, no rotation clearance, is not affected by temperature and oil pollution, has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, suitable for high temperature, high speed, corrosive medium working environment of shafting drive.

Model and specification:

JM type Ⅱ diaphragm coupling

JMⅡJ is connected with intermediate shaft diaphragm coupling

JMIJ connects to intermediate shaft type diaphragm coupling

JMI diaphragm coupling

SJM elastic double diaphragm coupling

ZJM expansion sleeve single diaphragm coupling

DJM diaphragm type elastic coupling


Our elastic diaphragm coupling price is reasonable, factory staff strict inspection, so that users can buy economic durable, value for money connection products.