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GLF roller chain coupling fundamental difference

At present, GLF roller chain coupling has been applied in more industries, but some people do not understand it. In fact, the coupling transmission is a flexible coupling, so do you know what are the differences between the coupling? The following is a small edition for you to introduce it in detail.

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You can now understand the difference between GLF roller chain coupling and other coupling transmission parts:

1. Structure: A common double-row chain is engaged with two parallel sprockets with the same number of teeth at the same time, and the dustproof cover is equipped to realize the connection of two half chain couplings (see the picture below).

2. Advantages: simple structure, compact size, small quality, convenient assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance, low cost, has the corresponding compensation performance and buffer performance.

3. Disadvantages: Disadvantages are not suitable for reverse transmission and start frequently or vertical shaft transmission, not suitable for high-speed transmission,

4 Application scope: It is suitable for low speed and light load occasions.


The above is a small series for you to introduce the use of GLF roller chain coupling and other coupling transmission parts what are the fundamental differences? I hope the relevant content can help you. If you want to choose GLF roller chain coupling can come to the mechanical manufacturer to choose, our manufacturer's products will not let every user down.


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