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What are the characteristics of GICLZ drum gear coupling compared to straight-toothed coupling?

In the design of GICLZ drum gear coupling is a relatively novel mode, in order to change the tooth surface friction and wear of the equipment, so that the equipment reduces noise, maintenance cycle is longer, we change the drum tooth surface of the equipment so that the inner and outer tooth contact conditions, so as to avoid the condition of angular displacement of the straight tooth end edge extrusion, There is also the disadvantage of stress concentration.

What are the characteristics of GICLZ drum type coupling compared with straight type coupling?

1. Strong carrying capacity. Under the same outer diameter of the inner sleeve and coupling, the bearing capacity of the drum coupling is increased by 15 ~ 20% than that of the straight coupling on average

2. Large amount of angular displacement compensation. When the radial displacement is zero, the allowable angular displacement of the straight gear coupling is 1o, and the allowable angular displacement of the drum gear coupling is 1o30', which is increased by 50%. Under the same modulus, tooth number and tooth width, the angular displacement allowed by drum teeth is larger than that allowed by straight teeth.

3. The drum tooth surface changes the contact conditions of the inner and outer teeth, avoiding the disadvantages of the straight tooth end edge extrusion and stress concentration under the condition of angular displacement. At the same time, it changes the friction and wear condition of the tooth surface, reduces the noise, and the maintenance cycle is long.

4, the outer sleeve tooth end is horn shape, so that the inner and outer teeth assembly and disassembly _ convenient.

5, transmission efficiency up to 99.7%.

Through the above staff in the GICLZ drum gear coupling characteristics of the detailed introduction, so we should pay more attention to the choice of coupling, at the same time we can also according to the different needs of customers to design a variety of models of coupling, if you have the equipment confused place, you are always welcome to consult.