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Drum gear coupling assembly points for attention

Before the manufacturer shared with you the drum gear coupling component installation article, and then to share with you the drum gear coupling assembly matters needing attention, Xiaobian summed up seven points for you to remember.

Drum gear coupling assembly points for attention:

1) The power end and reducer are discharged smoothly and fixed before installing the external gear sleeve;

2) The hoisting, transportation and insulation of the external gear shaft sleeve should be carried out to avoid falling off the drum gear coupling during assembly or affecting the assembly due to temperature reduction;

3) When measuring, the dial indicator should be fixed firmly and reliably and the support should have enough stiffness;

4) Measurement in order to obtain reliable data, should be measured several times, take the average value of its readings;

5) Make a good mark. The disassembly and assembly of the drum gear coupling should be carried out carefully according to the position, accuracy and technical requirements of the mark;

6) The temperature rise of the reducer is higher in the working process. Under normal circumstances, the operating temperature of the power end should be lower than the operating temperature of the reducer. When adjusting, the height difference of the thermal expansion shaft end of the reducer should be taken into account.

7) After proper adjustment, when tightening the connection bolts of the two inner gear rings, tighten them evenly and symmetrically, step by step and with the same tightening force.

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