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Inspection items of JM type single diaphragm coupling

JM type single diaphragm couplings are mostly used in the sales market, but modified diaphragm couplings can be divided into metal diaphragm couplings and non-metallic diaphragm couplings. The inspection of the modified coupling is a key link related to the installation, use and life. Correctly inspecting according to the inspection regulations is conducive to improving the working speed and avoiding missed and wrong inspections during the production process.

The inspection items of JM type single diaphragm coupling mainly include the following items:
1. Check the shape, surface roughness, and surface quality of several couplings: check whether the geometric shape of the coupling is qualified against the front view and other views; check whether the position of each element is correct, such as holes, grooves, etc.; check the surface Roughness, surface quality, such as scratches, bumps, deformations, cracks, etc.;
2. Check the dimensional accuracy of the coupling: when checking the dimensional accuracy of the coupling, check the drawing, process and technical conditions. Generally, check the fixed dimensions first, such as shape, hole, shaft diameter, and then check the positioning dimensions, such as edge distance, center distance, etc.
3. Measuring shape and position errors: When measuring shape and position errors, attention should be paid to the measurement benchmark and the elements marked with the principle of tolerance and the principle of large entities. The diaphragm coupling is connected with the two halves of the coupling alternately with bolts. Each group of diaphragms is composed of several stacked diaphragms. The diaphragms are divided into connecting rod type and whole-piece type with different shapes. It relies on the elastic deformation of the diaphragm to compensate the relative displacement of the connected two shafts.
4. Check whether the materials used are qualified: when inspecting the parts, first check the specifications and grades of the materials used in the parts against the title bar of the drawing and the process documents, and check the grain direction and state of the plates. A mechanical component used to connect the driving shaft and the driven shaft in different mechanisms to rotate together and transmit motion and torque. Sometimes it is also used to connect shafts and other parts. After passing the size inspection.

Most of the commonly used JM type single-diaphragm couplings are now standardized or standardized, but we generally only need to correctly select the type of coupling and determine the type and size of the coupling. When necessary, the load capacity can be checked and calculated for the vulnerable and weak links; when the speed is high, the centrifugal force of the outer edge and the deformation of the elastic element can also be checked, and the balance check can be carried out.