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How to choose roller chain coupling on the web?

At present, with the continuous development of the network, we in the online purchase roller chain coupling is more and more convenient, but we all with the increase of convenience, the quality of the purchase of goods has become good or bad, plus can not see the real thing, only through some pictures or businesses to judge the quality of goods. So how to buy more desirable coupling products on the Internet?

There are more ways to buy roller chain coupling on the Internet. The most common way is to buy through some b2b or b2c platforms. There are more platforms of this kind. Generally choose b2b platform is also on the enterprise platform, this is the need to buy a large number of roller chain coupling in the case of choice, this platform generally speaking, the price is relatively low, because it is for the relatively large customers or agents, b2b platform is generally directly supplied by manufacturers, but there are also some relatively large agents on the above, We can determine the production quality of manufacturers according to some of the feedback from buyers.

There is also b2c platform, this kind of platform has both roller chain coupling manufacturers and product agents, but the general agents are more, this is a way to choose when buying a small number of coupling products, the purchase price of this platform is slightly higher, the purchase of precautions