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In the fixed GICLZ drum gear coupling details to achieve position

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GICLZ drum gear coupling fixed mode

1. Fixing the positioning screws: The fixed shaft is locked with a 90º gap between the two positioning screws. The traditional fixing method may cause damage to the shaft or make it difficult to remove the shaft because the front end of the screw is in contact with the shaft.

2 clamping screw fixing: the use of hexagon bolt tightening force, so that the slit contraction, and the shaft tightly clamping. This way is easy to fix and disassemble, and will not cause damage to the axis, is a very common fixed way.

3. Keyway fixing: Suitable for high torque transmission, in order to prevent axial sliding, usually fixed with positioning screws and clamping screws fixed.

4.D word hole fixed: Normally, if the shaft of the motor is into a D font, if the positioning screw can not be fixed, you can treat the hole of the coupling into the corresponding size of the motor shaft D hole, fixed with the positioning screw, do not worry about slipping.

5. Expansion sleeve fixed: by tightening the coupling end face of the four positioning screws pressing the tent sleeve expansion fixed, suitable for some large torque stepper motor and servo motor connection fixed, such as expansion diaphragm coupling, expansion sleeve plum coupling, expansion bellows coupling, expansion sleeve GICL type - drum type gear coupling.

The above is the introduction of GICLZ drum gear coupling fixed way, customers still do not understand can contact us at any time. If you want your product to work efficiently, you should pay attention to the small details of fixing, installing and using it.