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Serpentine spring coupling machining technical requirements

In the process of putting the parts into processing of the snake spring coupling, it is necessary to deburr the technical requirements of each drawing and the deburring process. Technicians are often unable to prepare the process documents, and usually use the file, cloth wheel, emery cloth, sand belt and other methods to remove the burr. With the progress of science and technology and the development of production, artificial deburring has been unable to meet the requirements of competitive product quality and production mode in the modern market. Finishing processing technology has gradually replaced the traditional deburring process, and has been paid more and more attention to. At present, some innovative enterprises of coupling parts finishing and polishing have been included in the technical requirements of the drawings. And formed a standard process.


Surface finishing technology of free grinding tools for serpentine spring coupling includes four series, namely, spiral type, centrifugal type, fork type and horizontal type, as well as more than ten kinds of models and corresponding abrasive grinding liquid auxiliary materials. After hundreds of kinds of coupling parts finishing and polishing process test research, good results have been achieved. Good economic and social benefits have been achieved. The practical process of the coiled spring coupling roller grinding and finishing processing technology is oil removal → finishing and deburring → sorting → cleaning → drying → rust prevention; Oil removal treatment is to remove oil before finishing parts, often using _ acoustic cleaning method good effect. If the workpiece oil into the grinding block cutting force is significantly weakened, the effect of grinding agent will be reduced, finishing effect, efficiency decline, finishing parts surface is not bright.


In the process of finishing processing of snake spring coupling, it is necessary to select or determine the form of equipment, equipment specifications, process materials, process parameters and other contents according to the structural shape, size and finishing requirements of the polished parts.