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Problems and status quo of coupling industry development

Brief introduction:

The independent innovation ability of the coupling enterprise is not strong for a long time is the old problem faced by the coupling industry, but with the rapid development of the automobile, construction machinery and other related fields, the technical requirements of the material, performance, strength and other aspects of the matching coupling has risen to a new level, so the innovation ability of the problem has become more prominent.

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At present, the international development trend of coupling products that take effect when only one link is selected mainly includes the following aspects:

First of all, the power transmission coupling device is along the miniaturization, high-speed, standardized direction of development, so the application of special coupling, planetary coupling device development, low vibration, low noise coupling device development has become some characteristics of coupling design;

Second, due to the development of large-scale mechanical equipment, the working parameters of the coupling have been improved, such as the transmission power of the high-speed coupling is 1000-30000kw;

Third, due to the wide application of hard tooth surface coupling, as well as the coupling of high speed and high performance requirements are increasing, so the grinding processing is required to improve the efficiency and quality; In addition, with the development of self-surface coupling, the material and heat treatment of coupling have been paid more and more attention.

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To sum up:

According to Wang Shengtang, vice president of China Coupling Professional Association, there is a big gap between Chinese coupling manufacturers and foreign advanced level in fatigue life and noise index, which is mainly related to the material and heat treatment level.

However, most of our coupling manufacturers are basically unable to keep up with these trends, so they can only repeat low-level construction and compete at low prices in the low-end market. With the continuous upgrading of the automobile industry and machinery manufacturing industry, the low-end coupling market will soon appear saturated state, when the business risk of enterprises will be greater.

In addition, the supply risk of raw materials should also be concerned. On the one hand, although the domestic coupling steel market is stable, the price is rising. On the other hand, coupling quality and performance of the breakthrough point in raw materials, international coupling steel development trend, one is Cr, Ni, Mo low-alloy steel; Boron steel; Third, carbonitriding steel; Fourth, free-cutting steel. However, the number of special steel enterprises that can provide high quality coupling steel is small, and the competition for resources among enterprises is expected to become more intense in the future. In today's machinery industry and the rapid development of science and technology. Coupling as a member of the mechanical industry, it plays a role is also without words.