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How to solve the installation error of elastic pin coupling?

Now we are constantly installing the elastic pin coupling or some other parts no one can do zero error, the robot can only make the error is small but there is error, so you know how to solve the installation error of the coupling transmission parts? The following will be introduced by the small edition of the machinery manufacturer.

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First, determine the error of the elastic pin coupling: 1, in the dial indicator measurement method, commonly used two table method and laser centering method, generally stipulated that the error of the outer circle and the end face in 0.05mm; 2, the axial deviation requirement is not high, as long as the strength of the part of the match is enough not to affect the transmission torque can be; 3. Concentricity usually refers to radial deviation. If rigid connection requires high concentricity, there can be no deviation. That is, the concentricity of the motor and the reducer itself can not be deviated.

Two, to solve the elastic pin coupling method: if the error needs to put the active end or driven end to find the right. First of all, find out the part with large deviation error, which first need to measure the coupling deviation to which side, that is, measure the levelness and coaxiality of the spindle and the levelness and coaxiality of the reducer spindle, and then according to the mass scale to flatten and align, can eliminate the fault.


The above is our manufacturer's small series for you to explain how to solve the installation error of the elastic pin coupling, these related content hope that machinery manufacturers can bring you help.


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