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Introduction of WGT middle sleeve drum gear coupling

WGT type drum gear coupling is a rigid flexible coupling, suitable for low speed and heavy load conditions, such as metallurgy, mining, lifting and transportation industries; also

Suitable for petroleum, chemical, general machinery and other machinery shafting transmission. The drum gear coupling consists of an inner ring with the same number of teeth and a flange with outer teeth

Components such as shaft. The outer teeth are divided into straight teeth and drum teeth two kinds of tooth shape, the so-called drum teeth is made of outer teeth spherical, spherical center on the axis of the gear, teeth

The side clearance is larger than the general gear, drum gear coupling can allow a larger angular displacement (relative to the straight tooth coupling), can improve the tooth contact conditions, improve transmission

Torque transfer capability for extended service life. The contact state along the tooth width with angular displacement. Tooth coupling when operating, the two axes produce relative angular displacement, inside and outside

Tooth tooth surface periodic axial relative sliding, the inevitable formation of tooth surface wear and power consumption, therefore, drum gear coupling needs to be in a good and sealed state

The work. Toothed coupling has small radial size and large bearing capacity, so it is often used for swing shaft transmission under low speed and heavy load conditions. High precision and dynamically balanced teeth

This coupling can be used for high speed transmission, such as shafting transmission of gas turbine.

Because the angular compensation of the drum gear coupling is greater than that of the straight gear coupling, the drum gear coupling is widely used at home and abroad, and the straight gear coupling is eliminated

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