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Universal shaft manufacturer on how to use diaphragm coupling

For consumers, the product is damaged in the process of use, often they first think of product quality problems, and ignore whether their improper use of damage. Today, universal shaft manufacturers on how to use diaphragm coupling this problem for you a few tips.

1. Before installation, clean the end faces of the two shafts and check the coordination of the end keyway;

2, after the installation of the coupling, the normal operation of a class, must check all screws, if found loose, must tighten, so repeated several classes, to ensure that it will not loose;

3, in order to prevent the diaphragm in high-speed operation of the freting wear, resulting in the diaphragm bolt hole crack and damage, universal coupling, between the diaphragm can be coated with molybdenum disulfide and other solid lubricants or on the surface of the diaphragm wear coating treatment;

4. Long-term overloading and operation accidents should be avoided;

5, in the operation of the diaphragm coupling, should often check whether abnormal phenomenon occurs, such as abnormal phenomenon must be repaired;

6. Appropriate protective measures shall be taken at various sites where accidents of persons and equipment may be caused by operating diaphragm couplings.