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Coupling development and selection of quintuple coupling

Coupling product development is very fast, in product design how to choose from a variety of different performance of the various couplings to meet the requirements of the machine, for most designers, is always a problem. Commonly used couplings are diaphragm coupling, drum gear coupling, plum coupling, slider coupling, elastic cancellation gear coupling, universal coupling, tire coupling, elastic coupling and serpentine spring coupling.

A coupling is a mechanical part used to connect two shafts (drive shaft and driven shaft) in a different mechanism so that they rotate together to transmit torque. The coupling consists of two halves connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft respectively. General power machines are usually connected with working machines by means of couplings. The functions and functions of all kinds of couplings in the transmission system are not the same, but the common basic function is to transfer torque and motion. Therefore, the dosage is widely used, for example: Heavy machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, chemical machinery, lifting transportation machinery, textile machinery, light industry machinery, printing machinery, automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, ships, machine tools, water pump, fan, compressor shaft transmission used in the coupling of mechanical products, such as its main function is to transfer torque. For example, drum gear coupling has a compact structure, large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, low noise functions. Used in precision machinery, as well as control, control mechanism and instrument coupling, torque is very small, the main function is to connect two shafts and transfer movement, high transmission accuracy, should have a high torque stiffness, generally using metal elastic elements, in order to eliminate the two halves of the coupling relative torsion caused by Angle transmission error.

Plum couplings have good balance and are suitable for high speed applications (peak speeds up to 30,000 RPM), but cannot handle large deviations, especially axial deviations. Large eccentricity and deflection angles can produce a larger bearing load than other servo couplings. Another value concern is the failure of the quincunx coupling. If the quincunx elastic spacer is damaged or fails, torque transmission is not interrupted and the metal claws of the two bushings are engaged to continue transmission of torque, which is likely to cause problems with the system. The advantage of this coupling is to choose suitable material of quincunx elastic spacer according to practical application.

There are two main types of plum couplings, one is the traditional straight claw type, the other is a curved surface (concave) claw type of zero clearance coupling. Traditional quine coupling with straight jaw is not suitable for high precision servo drive applications. The zero-clearance claw quiff coupling is evolved on the basis of the straight claw, but the difference is that its design can be suitable for the application of servo system, often used to connect servo motor, stepping motor and ball screw. The curved surface is designed to reduce the deformation of the elastic quincunx spacer and limit the influence of centripetal force on it at high speed. The zero-clearance claw coupling consists of two metal bushings (usually made of aluminum alloy, but stainless steel is available) and a quine elastic spacer. The quincunx elastic coupling is different from the slider coupling in that the quincunx elastic coupling is driven by extrusion while the slider coupling is driven by shear force. When using zero clearance jaw coupling, users should pay attention to must not exceed manufacturers are under peak value of the elastic element of capacity (under the premise of guarantee zero clearance), otherwise the plum blossom elastic body will get squashed between deformation and lose elasticity, disappear additive loads, leading to loss of zero clearance performance, also may in the event of a serious problem after the user can find. The quinfunx elastic spacer has multiple blade branches. Like a slider coupling, it is also pressed to fit the quinfunx elastic spacer with the sleeves on both sides, thus ensuring its zero-clearance performance.


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