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It is particularly important to give priority to the development of intelligent quintuple coupling

Meihua coupling is the basic process equipment of transmission industry, known as "the mother of industrial transmission". As the basic industry of national economy, meihua coupling involves metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, lifting, transportation, light industry, textile, water pump, fan and other industries, the application range is very wide. Our company specializes in the production of diaphragm coupling

For most plum coupling manufacturer only to improve the service life of the coupling can be developed fast, need to constantly improve the coupling in the middle of the competition process production technology of water product, at present, the domestic coupling and coupling industry abroad, there is a big gap between the plum coupling products production technology of communication, foreign had a big impact the competitiveness of the market, So domestic coupling manufacturers will usher in a period of opportunity.

Coupling enterprises according to the development trend of domestic coupling manufacturing industry and the demand of the coupling market, grasp and research and development of high precision, high toughness, corrosion resistance, high quality new varieties of coupling, so that the domestic plum couplings to reach the world's top level.

Although there are few intelligent couplings in China, it represents the development direction of new coupling technology, and will play an increasingly important role in the adjustment of product structure and the transformation of development mode. The development of intelligent coupling is good, it will play a powerful driving role in promoting the rapid improvement of the level of the whole coupling industry. Therefore, it is particularly important to give priority to the development of intelligent coupling in the development of the industry.

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