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YL Flange Coupling

YL Flange Coupling is a rigid coupling, suitable for coaxial axis drive shaft system, transfer torque is 63-100000N. m.


                                              YL Flange Coupling Parameters And Dimensions 

  Type Nominal Torque TnN • mAllowable Speed [n] r/minShaft Hole Diameter dShaft Hole  Length LDD,bSb,  BlotInertia  Moment  kg • mWeightkg
Y J.d.n
YL163630022 〜3038 〜821204836852M1040. 0064. 10
YL2200580030 〜4260 〜112130680. 0086. 97
YL3400500040 〜5084 〜1121508040560. 0219. 38
YL4800440050 〜6384 〜142170100M1280. 03923. 27
YL52000360063 〜80107〜1722101305010680. 12230. 72
YL65000280080 〜100132〜2122601606684M160. 36057. 95
YL7100002500100〜125167〜2123002007290100. 84586. 10
YL8250001900125〜160167〜3024002608098M242. 693202.3
YL9500001600160—200242〜3524603209212112166. 962326
YL101000001200200〜250282〜410590400104124M3020. 550622


① Weight and moment of inertia are approximate values calculated according to the minimum diameter and maximum length of the shaft hole of the I-type coupling. 

② The same type of shaft hole can be arbitrarily combined.



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